Thermal Insulation

Civil & Power Generation Projects insulation service covers both hot and cold applications that meet the various specifications in the industry. Ranging from - 100ºC to 870ºC, CPGP’s unique capabilities include design and installation of insulation on major construction projects, maintenance projects and repair projects.

Each insulation system is designed to determine the best possible insulation solution for the conditions envisaged. With our insulation expertise, we help our clients reach maximum efficiency while at the same time reducing risk as well as costly maintenance.

There are various purposes as to why insulation is an absolute necessity, namely:
  • To conserve energy and save on costs to client.
  • Identify and prevent corrosion under insulation.
  • Damage assessment ad preventative maintenance.

The following steps form part of a typical insulation design with reference to the applicable specification limitations:

  • Comparing alternative material types for optimum results.
  • Comparing the effect of alternative protections systems on heat loss or gain and surface temperatures.
  • Checking multi-layer compatibility and interface temperatures and comparing the effect of various ambient
    temperatures, including wind factors.

From the final thickness result, designing of pipe support sizes, pipe spacings and the size of the wall
apertures are done. All thermal insulation design is done in accordance with Eskom specification NWS Rev.02
and the following standards:

  • BS 874 - Determining Thermal Insulation properties & definitions.
  • BS 2972 - Methods of tests for Inorganic Thermal Insulation.
  • BS 3533 - Glossary of Thermal Insulation Terms.
  • BS 3958 (Parts 1-6) - Thermal Insulation Materials
  • BS 5422 - Methods of specifying Thermal Insulating Materials.
  • BS 5970/SANS 612:2007 - Code of practice for Thermal Insulation of equipment. (Ranging between temperatures
    of -100ºC to 870ºC).
  • ISO 12241:2008 - Thermal Insulation for building equipment and industrial installations.

Turbine Insulation

Turbine Insulation on various power stations has long been part of our insulation scope. Civil and Power Generation Projects have the latest spray lagging machinery at our disposal, at any given time, ensuring a professional service to our client. All turbine insulation work is done according to our design specification.