Supporting Structures

Civil & Power Generation Projects (Pty) Ltd has a competent welding team with various welding procedures in place,
to weld various Insulation as well as Sheet Metal Supports.

Insulation Supports

Insulation Supports consist mainly of Insulation Pins or Studs, that is spot welded onto a surface. Insulation is then impaled
onto these pins secured with Insulation Clips. CPGP are able to Weld 16Mo3, 13CrMo4 & Carbon Steel Pins.

Sheet Metal Supports

Sheet Metal Supports on flat surfaces consist mainly of twisted or straight flat bar legs acting as "hangers" or "floats", and
angle iron cross sections on which the sheet metal is then secured. Support structures are typically arranged in a
"hanger-float float" configuration on a single sheet.

On round ducting or vessels the sheet metal support consists of equally spaced flat bar legs and a flat bar ring. On areas
where welding is not permitted these rings have an additional inner ring and is manufactured in separate sections,
to allow it to be bolted onto the equipment. The same procedure is followed with Pipe Supports

Material composition of substructure steel is also taken into account to avoid any chemical reaction between
equipment and structures.