Civil & Power Generation Projects (CPGP) specialises in access scaffolding for commercial, industrial and specialised applications.
At CPGP, we have developed software which has been designed in line with South African National Standard (SANS)
specifications whereby safe working loads are calculated to ensure a safe structural design.

Variables such as required platform workloads, equipment type, scaffold use, tie in points, specialized design and environmental
aspects all form part of the criteria in the design phase. After a design is formulated, our competent scaffolding team
comprising of scaffolding inspectors, section leaders, charge hands and erectors collaborate with the Health, Safety
and Environment (HSE) Department to compile a documented Hazard Identification Risk Assessment (HIRA) and
a detailed method statement is formulated and implemented to ensure that a safe scaffold structure is handed over to our client.

All scaffold operations are conducted in strict accordance with SANS 10085-1 requirements. All scaffold designs
categorized as specialised structures as outlined in SANS 10085-1 will be erected, modified and dismantled in strict
accordance with an approved engineering design drawing.